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As the world gets faster and technology updates day-by-day, computer users feel the need for such a computer which is really as powerful as a computer which is often carried easily. Therefore , the new form of computers come, which are known as Laptops.

Laptops are the lightweight computers which are as powerful as a Desktop Computer but come with a highly superior design with a light weight. These are also referred to as a notebook computer. It runs by a single battery or from an AC/DC adaptor that charges the battery while supplying power to the computer itself. Laptops contain all the same settings as a desktop computer in addition to the cabinet and the screen. These usually have LCD display and almost all of them use different memory space modules for their Rndom Access Memory.

Most modern Laptops feature 12-inch or larger display with a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels and above. These mini-computers also come with a 'PC Card' or 'ExpressCard expansion bay' for expansion cards. When compared to standard 3. 5-inch desktop computer computer's hard-disk, Laptops have 2. 5-inch Hard-disk. You will find a variety of specially made for laptop processors available from AMD, Intel and BY WAY OF. The most famous processors from AMD are Athlon, Turion 64 and Sempron. On the other side, Intel has Celeron, Pentium M, Intel Core and Intel Primary 2 processors for laptop.

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Laptops are available in various configuration, various shapes & design and price. Because the world has become techno-savvy, computer usres are demanding laptop computers which are superior and come with advanced features. There are some companies which can be preparing cheap laptops. Cheap Laptops are offering increased features that can be used for both business and personal purpose like email, downloading files etc. There are numerous laptop brands available like Dell and Toshiba which manufactures cheap laptops.

You will find companies like Apple, HP, Acer and Dell which are renowned for their superior quality Laptops. The cutting-edge has come when Apple company Inc. with the intro of Apple MacBook Professional. These are incredible laptop computers with outstanding speed, excellent get-up and highly fashionable looks. On the other side, in Windows laptop HP Pavilion is one of the better selling brand.